Paper Straws for the Hospitality Industry

A group of friends "cheers" their drinks and sip out of different colored paper straws.

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Paper straws as an alternative to plastic have taken the world by storm. Be seen by potential clientele as a leader in the fight to save the planet. Making environmentally-conscious changes is a great way to build goodwill with clients. They'll see the changes you're making to be environmentally-friendly and spread the word to their friends and family, essentially doing your advertising for you.

Serve drinks at the bar with our black paper cocktail straws, or any of our other eco-friendly paper straws. You can impress guests by color-matching paper straws to drinks. Serve icy piña coladas with yellow paper straws, or a strawberry daiquiri with a red paper straw. The possibilities are endless and it adds a beautiful finishing touch to any drink!

We currently have a rainbow of colors to choose from, Our paper straws are black, white, cardboard, black and white stripes, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink! Whatever you need, we certainly have the perfect paper straw to suit you and your business.

Creating change starts small, and making the switch to paper straws is a great way to start!

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